Stealth Book App, Keep Out The Prying Eyes

I guess if you have something you don’t want someone to see or you have a problem with people looking through your phone. Then you should get this. Calls, SMS, and Emails from certain contacts are hidden. So if there is anything from a certain someone that you don’t want another someone to see it will not show up on your phone but you can still access the information

App Description:

NO MORE SPYING ON YOUR CONTACTS, SMS AND EMAILS. Keep them private with Stealth Book app.Stealth Book App is an Anti-spying App that hides call logs, text messages and emails from specific contacts.

All the calls, text messages and emails are stored in the Stealth Book app instead of native apps.There’s no icon to launch the app. Simply use your Specific key combination to launch the app. Default key combination to launch the app is “Red Key(Call End Key – 4 times) + Escape key (Back key – 1 time)” which can be changed from the Options within the app.

Some of the Features:
* Completely Hidden Contact list
* Hidden Text Messages
* Hidden Emails
* Edit emails while forwarding
* Hidden Call Logs
* Auto-reply on call disconnect
* Backup/Restore Contacts
* Enhanced Call Logs/Text Messages/Email Filtering
* Threaded SMS
* Customizable message pop-up alerts
* Vibration alerts
* Closes Automatically
* Enable/Disable Message Pop-up

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Note: The application is currently having issues in sending SMS with CDMA network.

Buy Stealth Book at Blackberry App World for 99 cents.