Facebook for BlackBerry Updated to v3.2.0.7 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

Facebook for BlackBerry has been updated to v3.2.0.7 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. Facebook® for BlackBerry® smartphones makes it even easier to connect with friends and share your news while you’re on the go. Discover all the great ways Facebook works with your BlackBerry smartphone to help you stay connected and on top of your social life. Hit the Break to find out what’s new!

What’s New?

New features of Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones include:

  • In-App view of Friends’ Birthdays
  • Ability to add Friends’ Birthdays to the BlackBerry Calendar
  • Access to Facebook Events
  • An update to the icons on the Navigation Grid

The following issues have been fixed and implemented in Facebok for BlackBerry smartphones version

  • Duplicate comment text field and buttons show on Photo comment screen
  • Multiple Birthday Reminder Dialogs popping up for the same friend
  • Setup Wizard does not appear after upgrade
  • Breaking changes on Facebook Event Table as the ability to block a user from login
  • Triplicate birthdays
  • Birthdays and Events not being pulled from calendar when IT policy “Disable organizer access” set to True
  • Device Sluggish
  • Translation issue on Facebook Options
  • Publisher “What’s on your mind?” text not properly redrawn when using large font
  • Multiple birthday reminders bring and leave Facebook into foreground when it was running in the background
  • When more than 1 Birthday reminders are invoked, later/subsequent reminders obscure and dismiss earlier dialogs
  • Missing translation for “Birthday Reminders” string
  • By default, Events is unchecked – should be checked
  • Events are not removed from Calendar when user turns off Events synching
  • “Disconnect from BlackBerry Contact” action removes friend’s birthday from device calendar when it should not
  • Icons missing on Setup Wizard GCM
  • Check in string not translated on News Feed
  • Comments Not Displaying
  • Focus always stays on the map field when using touchpad to scroll

Head on over to the BlackBerry Beta Zone for the update.