Check out PCRx Apps in App World

A very good friend of my mine as well as a fellow Nerd @fortneyland95 has been very busy posting applications in App World. @fortneyland currently has five applications in App World, they range from a FREE NerdBerry App to VolNews. The reason for this article is to let the world know about PCRx and all of his applications. PCRx applications are as follows:

  • VolNews: We are Big Orange. We are unstoppable! Stay up to date with all the latest news, recruiting and more! A must for all vol fans!
  • NB Free: Download the Mobile app and stay up to date with the latest news, rumors and much more straight from your BlackBerry® or BlackBerry® PlayBook™! This version is ad free.
  • QB Podcast: WeeklyBlackBerry® PlayBook™ headline roundup, from the most popular news sites around, with a little bit of fun!
  • RYAA (v1): Keep up to date with RYAA on the latest news and signup information, pics and more!
  • Jaysus Blog Mobile Launcher: Thanks to pcrx for creating and signing this app, I can now bring the gibberish to your device with ease. The blog is the meanderings of an irishman; i try to update as much as possible with simple but nice wallpapers and updates on our favourite OEM

Thanks to @fortneyland95 for keeping us up to date on his applications! All of the applications above are supported on both the BlackBerry PlayBook as well as your BlackBerry smartphone!