Hide Files For The Playbook, App Lets You “Hide Files” From People

Seems to be that there are more and more documents that people want to hide. Just last week we told you about the Stealth Book app, which is similar. Except Hide Files hides pictures, files and videos. Between password protect, Hide Files and Stealth Book, you should be able to keep your naughty pictures safe.

App Description:

Hide photos,videos,documents,music and any other type of file from unwanted people.”Hide Files” is the software which can hide any file on your Blackberry playbook.This helps in protecting confidential data from others.The software is password protected so that no one else could change the settings.Share BlackBerry® PlayBook™ with others without fear of loosing privacy !!!

Below are the features of “Hide Files” :

— Password protection
— Hide any photos,videos,documents,songs etc.
— Multi select – Add multiple items at a time to the hidden items list.
— File Manager – Inbuilt file manager to view all files on BlackBerry® PlayBook™
— Hide/Unhide all of the items in the list at a time.
— Hide/Unhide only the selected items.
— Remove all/selected items at a time from the list making the removed item visible again.
— Inbuilt viewer for viewing the files.e.g. Any picture/videos/songs/docs can be viewed from the software itself.
— Simple and intuitive interface

Buy Hide Files at Blackberry App World for 99 cents.