Is RIM planning on closing all their BlackBerry branded stores in the US?

A new rumor has hit the interwebs today regarding RIM and their BlackBerry branded retail stores.  According to Cantech letters RIM is getting ready to cut some more money by closing all of the BlackBerry stores in the US.  Currently RIM has one stand-alone store and nine airport stores.  To go along with those 10 stores there are also sixty wireless retail stores that are managed by Wireless Giant.

At this point this is nothing but a rumor, however it does make sense for RIM to close these stores is they are not seeing huge sales in them.  The closing of even the 10 BlackBerry branded stores would most likely result in a huge cut to costs.  Hopefully we will hear something official, either way, from RIM regarding these rumors.

Source:Cantech letetrs via N4BB