RIM Publishes Response to Closing of Retail Stores in US

Earlier today there was some rumors about RIM closing the BlackBerry stores that were run by Wireless Giant.  These stores have not really seen the success that RIM and the public was looking for when they were opened.  RIM has responded to these rumors…

“We can confirm that the BlackBerry branded retail location in Boston has closed. We are not prepared to comment on rumors or speculation about other BlackBerry branded retail locations in the US. We’re constantly studying the consumer market and how customers make purchases. Consumers still have many options to buy BlackBerry products from over 20,000 retail locations in the US and online at ShopBlackBerry.com.”

From this statement it looks like RIM has only closed the store in Boston, but will neither deny or acknowledge the plans for the other stores that are open.

They could be holding out to see if the new BB 10 phones will spark any interest in the stores and keep them afloat, and if this is not the case I don’t foresee them being open for much longer.