Advance OS and LED for BlackBerry Updated to 14.7.1 – Lots of Bug Fixes!

Are you looking for a free alternative to BeBuzz? Look no further than Advance OS and LED. Change your LED light colors on your phone for different contacts and apps like Facebook and BBM. For a free LED app this one is pretty thorough, you can also mix your own colors and choose from 100 colors.Advance OS and LED has been updated to version 14.7.1 in App World. Hit the break to find out what’s new!

What’s new?

  • Added option to control Missed Call ringtones for individual contacts ringtone
  • Added “incoming  calls” tab for LED and Ringtone feature
  • Fixed memory leak and minimized memory useage for app
  • fixed BBM LED not stopping sometimes
  • Fixed confirmation message not showing when adding a new contact number after a phone call
  • Fixed Alert ME and Missed Call notifications overlapping.

Head on over to the Blackberry App World for the update.

Thanks @fortneyland95 for sending this in!