Guest Article By @fortneyland95: Slotch – World time, Weather, Alarm.

Mobile Link

I had the honor of using this app from  I-Mentalist thanks to Hedone!  Their Slotch app offers up the weather along with a world clock and multiple alarms into one PlayBook app.  Its makes the app into one sweet bedside clock along with nice integration with FUZZengine which allows for images downloaded from FUZZengine or your own images! Videos as well, with some hidden features, Report finding to I-mentalist forums.  You can have  multiple cities showing up in Slotch with all the options like digital.analog, custom sounds per alarm, override device volume, and more.

Check out Slotch in App World for $2.99 or on their website and let us know what you think. Feel free to give i-Mentalist feedback in their forum thread.