Email ++ Gets Updated To v2.5.4

This is just a minor update, they have added ability to add custom signature in Reply/Fwd with Edit. Get the free update from Blackberry App World.

- Convert To: Instantly convert emails into Appointments, Meetings, Memos or Tasks.
- Forward/Reply with Edit: Respond to or forward emails with attachments and yet be able to edit the original message or even remove the original message.
- Unsend: Avoid send accidents. Unsend your sent emails before going oops!!
- Set Priority: Set priority of new emails as well as emails that are already in your inbox. A great way to flag messages.
- Block: Block/filter emails by address or subject (exact or keyword based) with customizable actions such as Move To Junk, Delete and Mark Read.
- My Availability: Get your availability for a specific day or a week.
- My Location: Instantly get your GPS/Cell tower coordinates, address and a map url with you on it and include it in your email.
- Message Preview: Microsoft Outlook like popups no matter on which app you are, with instant action buttons such as Delete, Mark Read and View.
- Templates: Convert any emails to a template and reuse them over and over again.
- Image Download: Configure to download images automatically in HTML emails.
- Each feature is fully customizable to suit your needs via the Email++ Preferences screen.

The app is also currently on sale for $3.99 if you don’t have it.