Devs: OSBBx is Hosting bbUI.js Contest! Playbook and Other Prizes Up for Grabs!

Developers listen up! Have you gotten around to developing your Blackberry 10 applications yet? Got a great idea for an application just don’t know where to start? Well to make things easier for you using BBUI.js framework from RIM now you can make and create your applications using WebWorks! OSBB is hosting a contest for app development, hit the jump to learn how to win cool prizes, like a PlayBook, gift cards, or other cool swag, just for doing what you already do?

You might have heard of OSBBx, the new developer arm of OpenSourceBB. If you haven’t, you should check it out at OSBBx represents a new paradigm; taking advantage of RIM’s new dedication to open communication between RIM and devs, OSBBx is an effort to create a developer community with close ties to multiple RIM employees and departments, dedicated to providing developers with samples, tutorials, discussion forums, and other helpful information — all aimed to help developers create better BlackBerry apps.

As one of the first steps towards growing OSBBx, we’re introducing the OSBBx bbUI.js Contest.

The official rules and information will be forthcoming soon, but for now, here’s a quick rundown of how things will work:

1. Build an awesome app using bbUI.js, RIM’s Javascript framework (bbUI.js can be found in Github at

2. Enter your app in the OSBB bbUI.js Contest, which opens on September 1st.

3. Win cool swag!

Yes, it really is that simple. The contest will open on September 1, 2012; prizes and official rules will be announced before then. App submissions will be accepted through September, and winners will be contacted shortly thereafter. Although this contest is not sponsored by Research In Motion, RIM has donated a BlackBerry PlayBook and RIM personnell will assist OSBBx in judging app submissions. Other contest sponsors have already pledged several hundred dollars worth of other prizes and swag as well.

So get started on some truly awesome bbUI.js apps, keep your eye on OSBBx, and get ready to win!