BlackBerry 10 Preview Coming to Carriers Soon!

We all know that BlackBerry 10 is around the corner and in a recent Bloomberg interview with Thorsten Heins, in this interview Mr. Heins let the world know that he is in fact using a BlackBerry 10 device! With that being said the WSJ is reporting that RIM is gearing up to show of two Blackberry 10 beta devices to carriers. Mr. Heins stated: “The physical shape and feel of the new phones is finished and the software nearly complete” and “We’re near the finishing line.”

The WSJ notes Verizon Wireless and AT&T as the current carries. Mark Siegel, AT&T spokesman: “We value our relationship with RIM and look forward to working with them on existing and new products.” RIM has started inviting internal employees to take part in beta testing the first round of BlackBerry 10 devices. Why did I say “the first round of BlackBerry 10 devices?” Well, in the statement RIM will roll out six phones. Three of them being all-touch screen and three with physical keyboards. These devices will have removable batteries! This decision was for Heavy Blackberry users like myself that do not like to carry around a charger.


Source: WSJ