BlackBerry Vendor Portal 4.0 Is Now Available!

Research In Motion sending out email to developers letting them know that they have released Vendor Portal version 4.0 today. Be sure to check out the Release Notes for all of the great info on the changes made. Hit the break for more info!

Three key changes:


  • Keywords
    We’ve added a section on the DESCRIPTION tab when editing your application. You can add now add keywords to your app. This list of words is designed to make it easier for consumers to discover your apps. The keywords will be used in a future version of the BlackBerry App World client & webstore.
  • Automatic “For Sale” posting
    Once your application(s) get approved, they will automatically be posted ‘Up for Sale’. You can opt out of this automatic posting during the submission process, but must be done prior to submitting your application(s) for approval.
  • Privacy Policy
    Within your Vendor Account details, we’ve added a location where you can provide a URL to your Privacy Policy, which in turn will be visible by end-users.

Lots of changes are happening behind the scenes, but RIM wanted to ensure you were informed of these three changes that can help you prepare for BlackBerry® 10.

For more information regarding the Vendor Portal 4.0, please visit the BlackBerry App World Vendor Portal Documentation page, and as always you can find plenty of information in our BlackBerry App World Vendor FAQ.