MintChip Challenge Vote For The Winners

The MintChip Challenge put on by the Royal Canadian Mint:

The Royal Canadian MintChip Challenge (the “Competition”) is an initiative of the Royal Canadian Mint, challenging the software development community to create innovative software applications utilizing their MintChip technology. The Competition is intended to provide recognition to individuals and teams consisting of individuals, for-profit legal entities and/or non-profit organizations (collectively, “Solvers”) for developing innovative apps that utilize the MintChip digital currency. The Royal Canadian Mint’s goals for the Competition are to: (1) create software applications and proofs of concept utilizing MintChip and (2) highlight potential advantages of the technology and digital currency.

So now that they have collected a bunch of videos, it’s time to pick a winner. View taab’s video below. There are about 500 videos to chose from.

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Check out all the submissions here.