Blackberry Webinar: Installing Universal Device Service and Mobile Fusion Studio 6.1!

RIM has been pushing the envelope to get more and more developers on board as well as extending their strong support to business with security and device collaboration, even if those devices don’t come in a Blackberry flavor, with Mobile Fusion. To give you more insight on how Mobile Fusion can help improve your business, RIM is continuing their webinars to help you out. Universal Device Service is RIM’s new MDM offering which allows you to extend manageability and control to your iOS and Android devices. Hit the jump for details and where to register for this webinar!

Title: Installing Universal Device Service and Mobile Fusion Studio 6.1

Date: Wednesday, August 22


    In this webinar you’ll learn the installation process for Universal Device Service as well as how to use BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Studio, the centralized, integrated console, to manage your mobile devices.

Ajay Malhan: Technical Solutions Manager; Darlton Myers: Technical Solutions Manager


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