RIM cuts 95 jobs in Nova Scotia via teleconference according to former employee

There were no delusions that RIM would making cuts to their workforce over the next little while. The latest cuts have it the Bedford facility in Nova Scotia where approximately 400, mainly customer service, employees worked.  While the talk of cuts isn’t that uncommon at this point, however the way in which it was apparently done is troubling.

According to one former employee, those that were being affected by the cuts received an email the night before regarding a mandatory meeting the next day.  When it came time for RIM to let people know they had lost their jobs, it was done in groups via teleconference from Waterloo.  Apparently RIM did not give any personal, one on one, reasonings as to why people were losing their jobs rather it was done in groups with no chance for employees to voice opinions or concerns.

“It’s kind of like leading the lambs to the slaughter. You’re brought into a room with other people, some of whom you don’t know because they’re part of other teams. There is no individual attention, so you don’t really feel free to express your concerns and feelings or ask questions.”

The good news for these people who have lost their jobs is that Percy Paris, Nova Scotia’s Economic Minister has made statements that the province will do what it can to help support these people.

Source:The Province via MobileSyrup