LodeRunner: the Legend For Blackberry

The game actually predates me, coming all the way back from 1983. Now in Blackberry smartphone format. I love the simplicity of these games, just a nice way to kill time without putting a lot of thought into it.

And this isn’t a free version it’s the full game!

Game Description:

Lode Runner: the Legend. It is the revival of the well-known old-school game.
This time famous Runner is going to the underground in search of treasures of the ancient civilization. On his way he will meet lots of enemies who won’t give away their gold and jewels. Only resourcefulness and ingenuity can help Runner to stay alive. He should collect treasures if he wants to get out but for the next steps to the surface he should pay a part of his gold.

The game consists of lots interesting and different level. Collect the treasure, escape your enemies or just kill them and pave the way to the land.

– Lots of enigmatic levels – all available and unlocked.
– Clever and angry native people, who what to kill you. They know underground better then you that’s why try to do your best to outwit them.
– Too much lost gold and jewels.
– An indescribable feeling of dungeons and ancient world.
– Handy game play
– An intriguing musical arrangement keeps you in suspense

Only your own skill and wisdom will help to make a fortune. With Lode Runner: the Legend you can explore unknown dungeons and recall your memories from childhood.

Get the game from Blackberry App World.