Video: Conduct’s Feather Duster BlackBerry 10 App

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FeatherDuster is a fun, interactive tool for visually arranging, discovering and understanding the world’s Twitter stream as it happens. The user can specify emitters that filter the live twitter stream and emit tweets that match chosen keywords. This set of emitted tweets is then influenced by attractors which the user also defines with keywords. The tweets themselves are shown as coloured particles that gravitate throughout this system to create a beautiful, fluid galaxy that gives surprising insights into the character of the Twittersphere and the issues being discussed at that moment.

Melbourne based creative digital agency Conduct is leading the charge with a rejuvenated Research In Motion (RIM) to bring back the much loved Blackberry to its former glory. Conduct’s latest app FeatherDuster, an interactive tool for visually discovering live Twitter streams, is considered “so good” by RIM that they in fact broke protocol and gave Conduct the stage in front of the large crowd at their Australian leg of the BlackBerry 10 JAM World Tour.

Source: Conduct