BBTor app brings a BitTorrent client to your BlackBerry Smartphone

If you have been longing for a BitTorrent client that you can use on your BlackBerry smartphone, it looks like there is an app just for you.  BBTor is the BitTorrent client for BlackBerry smartphones that we have seen, and is an app that has been sorely needed.  We have not had a chance to test out this app yet, so make sure you are reading the reviews before dropping the cash, but it does look promising if you have been looking for a torrent client.  Hit the break for more details and the download link.

-Support resume downloads
-Support downloads of large files (over 2GB)
-Supports UDP trackers
-Registration of extensions “.torrent” and “.tor” in the Blackberry OS, allows you to open torrent files without starting the program
-Supports multiple simultaneous download torrents
-Supports all types of transport (GPRS/EDGE/3G/BES/BIS)


The app is currently available for only $2.99, which is 50% off, in the NerdBerry App Store.  So hit the link below to grab it today!

Purchase BBTor from the NerdBerry App Store

  • Ender

    Look I need same help my bbtor stopped working and downloading and it only worked for 2 day when I got it. Tell me what must I do to fix this problem??

  • dhanie

    give me download link of BBtor so I can try it then Purchasing..