TimelySnippet: Text Snippet Library for Your BlackBerry!

Are you a true Blackberry user answering emails and BBM’s and text on the go? Do you possibly have Blackberry Thumb? Well to make things a tad bit easier introducing TimelySnippet! TimelySnippet helps you get more out of your emails, by allowing you to add quicktext to your emails.  In our daily BlackBerry usage, there are several occasions when we need to use a text repeatedly. For instance, in our emails, we usually use a word “Best Regards”, so would it not be nice if we can create a snippet for the word “Best Regards”.

Whenever we need to use it, we just click the BlackBerry option button and select “Insert TimelySnippet” menu option. This pops-up a window with our saved snippets. We then click on the “Best Regards” snippet and use it at the cursor point.

Well, this is what TimelySnippet for BlackBerry does! The screenshots below is a visual guide on how TimelySnippet works.

Download TimelySnippet from Blackberry App World