You Won’t Be Seeing Any Of Blackberry 7 In Blackberry 10

So Blackberry 10 will be a whole new OS, with no hints of OS7 in it. It’s brand new territory, RIM is putting out all the stops.

This according to Thorsten Heins:
“Nothing from BlackBerry 7 is in BlackBerry 10, nothing,” Heins told eWEEK during an interview Aug. 14. He added “the DNA is still there so the experience will still feel intuitive to longtime BlackBerry users.”

He also said:

” There’s a lot of consumer and corporate research on how do people use their devices. … That led to a whole new user design for the flow of the applications. So right now if you look at [competitors’] devices, you have the tiled screen or you have the icons. What do you do [if you need information], you call an app. Work within that app, want to do something different? Back, new app. Need to do something else? Back, new app. What BlackBerry 10 will do for you is stop this paradigm of ‘in-out,’ as we call it, and through multi-tasking, real-time capabilities will allow you to flow across those applications.

… You can have corporate-liable versus personal information on the device, and you can even flow across those domains easily. One swipe and you’re there. “

You can tell he doesn’t want to reveal too much about the design and software too soon.

Blackberry is typically attributed to being for business people, RIM also wants to change that. That may have been what they were originally but since Android and the iPhone have taken over the market business people will look for a phone that can do it all. RIM is looking to Blackberry to be a business phone and more.

Thorsten Heins talks about the social aspect of BB10:

You have to make decisions, you have to direct information, you have to give out information, and you have to do this on various channels—corporate email, private email, Twitter, Facebook, whatever. You have tons of channels coming at you, and how do you get all this instruction, how do you deal with it? That paradigm—you get sick and tired of always having to call up a new application. Something’s on LinkedIn, go to LinkedIn. Something’s on Twitter, go to Twitter. You will see that on BB10, it’s so easy. It’sso well-integrated. …

What else? Fans of non-QWERTY devices can expect a better experience on BlackBerry 10. We’ve spent a lot of innovation on the full-touch virtual keypad. That was huge. We want the typing experience on the [touch-based BlackBerry] to get at least as close as it can to a physical QWERTY.

Read the whole article at eweek.