MessagesToCalendar Save Email Messages Directly to your Blackberry Calendar!

One of the thing that I enjoy using Outlook that I haven’t been able to do on my Blackberry without going through several steps to do so it use my incoming email to save calendar events well now you can with  MessagesToCalendar a unique application which will save all incoming and outgoing email and PIN messages to your Blackberry Calendar. MessagesToCalendar supports both BIS and BES email accounts and supports multiple email accounts.

* Supports BIS and BES accounts
* Save both incoming and outgoing email and PIN messages
* Setup Contact Category filtering
* Setup email and PIN filtering
* Disable and Enable MessagesToCalendar
* Runs in the background and do not need any user intervention
* Quick and easy to setup
* A better way to backup your email and PIN messages
* A better way to view your daily activity from the Calendar in Agenda view

Download MessagesToCalendar from Blackberry App World