Blackberry Curve 9320 Is A Big Seller In The UK

Maybe it’s because of all the color choices? Over at the Blackberry Curve 9320 shows up in the top ten of popular phones sold in the UK. Uswitch is a site where you can look up deals in the UK for cell phones and plans. They have the BB Curve listed at free phone and £10.50 a month for the plan. A neat function they have on the site as well is how many minutes you want and how much for a plan and then it will list the telecom who offers that.

Uswitch had to say:

“In light of no new and flashy releases in August, one of the faithful stalwarts of the mobile scene, BlackBerry [RIM], has been able to make its return to the top ten, thanks to discounted deals and a loyalty to features such as the eminently excellent BlackBerry Messenger (BBM),” said Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at

TalkTalk also offers the phone, which we mentioned a few weeks ago.

I’m not surprised that the Curve is doing so well. A lot of people still like Blackberry and it’s a good price for the phone which comes with almost all the same features as the other more costly Blackberries.