Check out this awesome custom car mount for the 4G/LTE PlayBook by @MarkPPG

This is noting cooler in my books than crazy custom mounts for tablets in cars.  In the past we have mainly seen shops do custom mounts for iPads in the dash, but this time around we have one for the 4G/LTE PlayBook (of course the WiFi version would fit as well).  This video comes courtesy of @MarkPPG from, and it shows off his passion for both BlackBerry and cars.

The inspiration for the mount came from the QNX Jeep video, and it definitely makes me want to break out the tools and do a few alterations to my own vehicle.  If you have any DIY projects that you have done with your BlackBerry, whether it be a phone or tablet, please share them with us in the comments.

Source:AllAboutMyBB via Crackberry