GAGmobile – 9GAG Client For BlackBerry Gets An Update

GAGmobile was updated to v3.0.2.

What’s in the update?

Now you can browse the “Hot”, “Trending” and “Voting” sections of 9GAG

App Description:

GAGmobile makes it easy and intuitive for you to browse the popular meme/serious site 9GAG.

At the time there are only one limitation in this app: There is no way to vote on posts, but it will be included in the app after the developer figures out a way to do it (since 9GAG doesn’t have an API, this is extremely difficult).

Features that are going to be included in the next versions of the app:
* Voting on posts
* BBM™/Social integration
* Improve the UI to make it more beautiful

Get the app for 99 cents from Blackberry App World. Stay tuned for a Blackberry Playbook version of this app.

  • Hello, I’m the developer of GAGmobile. If you’re getting any APN errors while opening the app could you please send me an email with more information about the error (like when it happens and the entire message in the error dialog).

    My email is nathanpc [at] dreamintech [dot] net

    Please don’t review my app with 1 star saying “APN ERROR! Refund please!1!”, instead email me and give me some time to understand this error. Thanks.