New RIM Patent for Selectively Performing Proxy Services!

RIM has published a patent describing a method and system for selectively performing proxy services on a server. A communications device is configured to transmit requests for content to the server, and the server is configured to selectively perform one or more proxy services, wherein the requests conform to a protocol. The disclosure provides a protocol request that includes one or more network-status headers, wherein the one or more network-status headers include connection information about the network connection used by the communications device to transmit the protocol request. The server is configured to enable a subset of the one or more proxy services based on the connection information.

In a better way of explaining it your device will be able to change and or use more than one mobile network when using data on your device. For example, you would be connected to LTE and use EDGE at the same time with data being compressed accordingly. This can be done without roaming or additional data charges as the device would change networks simultaneously

The headers might look something like this:

[0091] X-Network-Status: <2G/3G/4G/Wi-Fi>; ;
[0092] X-Network-Status: ;
[0093] X-Network-Status:
[0094] X-Network-Status: ;
[0095] X-Network-Status: <802.11a/b/g/n>

You can read more about the patent by clicking here. Let us know what you think about RIM’s latest patent in the comments!