BlackBerry 10 Demo Video Shows Off True Multitasking Abilities!

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Over the past few months we have seen quite a few RIM demo videos of Blackberry 10, but now we get to see a new video of just how it all works. The true multitasking abilities of the Blackberry 10 device of the home screen and the ability to swipe and change applications. Also in the beginning of the video we get to check out the clock application as well as the weather app, but it closely resembles the one natively on the Blackberry Playbook. At the moment no news as to when these devices will be in our hands other than the January 13′ confirmed date.

It has been rumored however that we will begin to see the final products of Blackberry 10 to be revealed within the month. Keep it lock to Nerdberry for more news from Blackberry Jam Americas!