Latin American Game Developers speak out about Independent Game Development

The smartphone game development community is not one that I follow very closely, but some info was shared with the guys at BBOS from Rock n’ Roll Studios about the game development scene in Latin America . I would have never guessed just how difficult it is to get a game published and featured.  It turns out that a majority of smartphone game development takes place in Latin America, where there are over 300 studios that employee 7000 developers.

Major studios like Zynga, Disney and Playdom hire out to these smaller studios in Latin America to develop some of the biggest names in smartphone gaming.  However it seems that to for one of these smaller studios to get their own game developed and published there is a mountain to climb.  The system to get games published and featured in places like AppWorld is apparently catered to the larger studios that have the cash to get things done, but a smaller studio that has a superior game may not get the press and attention they deserve.

The info-graphic below is from Rock n’ Roll Studios, and it shows how the gaming scene works against independent developers.  Hopefully bringing attention tot topics like these will help out those smaller studios to get their independent games published and features.  And let’s be honest better games on our smartphones benefits us all!