Feed The Penguin Game For Blackberry Smart Phones

Feed the penguin, light the bulbs. Oh and be sure to avoid the obstacles, it can’t be that easy!

Game Description:

Feed the Penguin is a charming brain-teaser for those who like meditate in cozy atmosphere.

Feed the Penguin stands out by its well considered gameplay and design. It was drawn using brushes and special painting techniques. These techniques make the game look original and exceptionally beautiful.
Carefully composed levels, charming personage and impressive design make this game quirky and challenging.

– original graphics techniques;
– smart gamepaly;
– cozy and warm atmosphere;
– pleasant music;
– you will like it!

Once upon a time there was a Penguin. He lived his life in his lovely flat with six rooms and the only problem that he had was his hunger.
Penguin liked tasty food and logical problems. He knew that if he managed to solve a problem he would get fish, biscuits, strawberry, ice-cream and sausages – all these he liked so much!

A player in the game should help to solve the problems to the Penguin and not only collect all the food but try to light 3 bulbs. It has to be said that Penguin was a little bit messy and in all the rooms a player can find boots, towels, teapots, cockroaches, spiders and more creatures and things that will complicate food gathering.

Penguin’s flat has 6 rooms and each room is full of problems and full of food!

Free version of Feed the Penguin has 1 opened room.
If you want to visit all the rooms and feed Penguin get premium version. It is really worthy.

Try out the free version at Blackberry App World.
Get the paid version for 99 cents from Blackberry App World.

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