TIFF: BlackBerry Viewer’s Choice Awards Winners

At this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, BlackBerry® was a proud sponsor of the People’s Choice Awards. We were excited for this opportunity, as over the years this Award has been a strong indicator of success for many films. At BlackBerry, we believe that our products and services help people do what they need to do, and to succeed. That’s why The People’s Choice Award is a great fit: by sponsoring the People’s Choice Award, we can support film makers in doing what they do – making great films.

This year’s People’s Choice Award was created by the BlackBerry Design Team, which included a design student attending OCAD University as part of the Research In Motion co-op program. Beginning with an iconic shape machined from a solid block of aluminum, the design builds on the familiar appearance of an award, but holds a playful surprise. By looking into the viewfinder on the top of the award, the recipient discovers it is a lightbox with a window that shares the same proportions as a theatre screen. The miniature theatre celebrates the concept of film projection, participation and life as film. Chrome, red and black finishes differentiate the three awards. You can check it out here: http://tiff.net/award/design


The winners of the BlackBerry People’s Choice Awards for 2012 were announced on Sunday, September 16, 2012.


      • BlackBerry People’s Choice Award – Winner: Silver Linings Playbook
      • BlackBerry People’s Choice Documentary Award – Winner: Artifact
      • BlackBerry People’s Choice Midnight Madness Award – Winner: Seven Psychopaths

Full details about these films can be found at: http://tiff.net/thefestival/festivalawards. Please join us in congratulating these winners.