Action Starts Here Continues On With A Radio Campaign

If you thought India’s Action Starts Here Blackberry campaign was done, you would be wrong. The massive campaign continues now with 20,00 radio spots.

What RIM had to say about it:

“The campaign is aimed at cutting across demographics and encompassing a larger target audience under the overarching tag of ‘people in action’,” said Krishnadeep Baruah, Director Marketing for India at RIM. “It’s for people of action who put more into life to get more out of it. No matter what the action is, it starts here with a BlackBerry. It is the symbol of a new message incoming as an icon of action. The splat is used as a rallying symbol for those who seek to action and find opportunities in any situation.”

The radio spots start off saying “My action starts here” and then talk about Blackberry.