RIM responds to Pwn2Own iPhone 4S hackers claims

Yesterday there was reports from Pwn2Own about hackers easily finding, and exploiting, a WebKit vulnerability on the iPhone 4S and other Apple products.  The hackers then went on to claim that BlackBerry had left the door open for them as well, and that the perceived sense of security from owning a BlackBerry was a false pre-tense.  Well today RIM has issued a statement regarding the hackers statements, and want to set the record straight.

“Mobile Pwn2Own provides a safe environment for researchers to demonstrate their work and a valuable opportunity to collaborate with the security community. RIM products are designed, manufactured and supported by a robust security architecture that helps protect our customers and their information. By using a multi-layered approach to security, the BlackBerry platform offers customers industry-leading, third-party certifications, advanced encryption, 24/7 security response team and unparalleled enterprise management capabilities. As the mobile threat landscape evolves, our unwavering commitment to end-to-end security and innovative research will ensure we continue to provide the unique level of protection our customers have come to rely upon.”

Well RIM has not declared that the BlackBerry browser is hack-proof, they are making it clear that they are continually working to make it safer for their customers. This is an essential thing for RIM, as with so many enterprise customers they cannot afford to have a huge security breach at this time.  RIM was even one of the sponsors of the Pwn2Own event that led to the hack being uncovered, so hopefully they have been taking notes.


  • TheKing

    Not much of a statement from RIM. Too bad they didn’t just say those were lame claims with nothing to back them up.