SMEStorage Client for BlackBerry Gets Updated

SMESStorage Client app got updated. It now includes easy management of Storage Clouds such as Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, Box, WebDav, Amazon S3 etc. All your cloud storage clients are stored in a file management system which makes it simple to access your files.

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App Description:

SMEStorage for the BlackBerry® enables you to view and manage files from many different Storage Clouds directly from your BlackBerry device.

Storage Cloud Supported include: Google Drive, Google Storage, Google Sites, Amazon S3, iCloud, Microsoft Live Mesh (read only), Microsoft SkyDrive, DropBox, Azure Blob Storage,, RackSpace Cloud Files, OpenStack Swift, Gmail-as-a-Cloud, Email-as-a-Cloud, Mezeo, HP Object Cloud Storage, Eucalyptus Walrus, Ubuntu One Cloud, iKeepinCloud, PogoPlug, BaseCamp, IBM Connections Files,EMC Atmos, Office365, SharePoint, CloudMe,, Scality, Alfresco,Zimbra Briefcase, SafeSync, FilesAnywhere, WebDav

Drop anything in “My BlackBerry Syncs folder” on your storage cloud and you can sync it straight to the phone ! Drop anything into the ‘My BlackBerry’ folder on the phone and you can sync it to your storage cloud !

Any files that you download are available on the BlackBerry as a local file until deleted.

You can assign files a password when you upload them via SMEStorage to your underlying cloud and if you try to view them on the BlackBerry you will be prompted for a password prior to viewing.

A SMEStorage free or paid account is required and you can register in-App or from the website.

Buy it for $3.99 from Blackberry App World.

Press Release

London, United Kingdom, September 20, 2012 –(– SMEStorage has updated their BlackBerry Cloud File Manager App to enable easy management of Storage Clouds such as Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, Box, WebDav, Amazon S3 etc.

The App also supports SaaS services that enable storage such as BaseCamp for example. In total, over 35 Storage and SaaS Clouds are supported.

SME also provides a free 5GB free storage hosted on Amazon S3 for every user that purchases the App.

Managing files spread across multiple cloud services can be challenging and can involve numerous different applications, if indeed such services are supported at all. With the SME BlackBerry App copying a file to the device or between services is as easy as selecting to copy it to the clipboard and then pasting to another service.

Cross-Cloud service search is a further unique feature of the App. This feature enables an end user to search for files and receive a set of results for files that are stored across all cloud services.

Files can easily be uploaded from the BlackBerry to any of the Cloud Services by simply changing directory to the relevant Cloud Service in the file tree.

Files from different clouds can be opened directly in the device with any associated application.

Other features include the ability to sync BlackBerry notes directly with a nominated cloud service.

CEO Ian Osborne commented, “We continue improving our support for BlackBerry devices and this update to the Cloud File Manager for BlackBerry improves on the prior version with a number of new features and supported clouds, as well as new support for our European server. We also recently rolled our a rich mobile client for the BlackBerry Playbook which we have seen to be very well received.”

The SME Cloud File Manager is available now from BlackBerry AppWorld.