BlackBerry 10 R-Series Rumored to Follow L and N Series

A great friend of mine (whom writes for BerryReview) went out with some buddies of his for some drinks (thanks for the invite :p)… Well his buddies recently left Research In Motion and talk about the BlackBerry 10 Series came up. The conversation went a bit like this…

They mentioned the BlackBerry 10 R-Series, now up until today the R-Series has never been mentioned by RIM or anyone that I know of. The R-Series is said to replace the BlackBerry Curve line-up, this will allow RIM to bring a mid-range device to the masses. The R-Series is just a pipe dream at this time and there is no word on whether device was qwerty or full touch. We do know that RIM plans on launching six new devices next year so this very well could be one of them. Ricky also mentioned that the R-Series was to be released in May of 2013, That date coincides with BlackBerry World 2013 which is scheduled for May 14-16. So that launch would be the right time for RIM to announce it. Let us know what you think about the R-Series in the comments!

Via: BerryReview



  • andrew

    Sweet. Getting a mid tier phone to market will help rim