BlackBerry 10 version of BBM running on a PlayBook?

It seems like someone has been up to a little hacking on the BlackBerry PlayBook today.  As you can see from the photos it appears that a few developers have been able to get BlackBerry 10 apps running on the PlayBook.

I am not exactly sure what was done to achieve this, as the source is a German BlackBerry forum site, but we assume that they used the latest OS for the Dev Alpha device and ported it on over to the tablet.  We can tell that it is some kind of BlackBerry 10 version from the BBM icon and look, but we haven’t been able to confirm anything else at this point.  Hopefully we will see BB10 hit the PlayBook officially as soon as the smartphones launch, but in the meantime we may see more ports and hacks like this one hit the news reel.