Blackberry Still Finds Itself In The Top 100 Global Brands

Despite reporting a loss this past quarter, RIM’s Blackberry is still amongst the top 100 Global Brands. Hitting the number 93rd spot in Interbrand’s Best Global Brands Report. Not too bad considering it beat Harley Davidson and Ferrari.
The top ten:

1.Coca-Cola Beverages $77.8 billion
2.Apple Technology $76.6 billion
3.IBM Business Services $75.5 billion
4.Google Technology $69.7 billion
5.Microsoft Technology $57.8 billion
6.GE $43.6 billion
7.McDonald’s Restaurants $40.1 billion
8.Intel Technology $39.4 billion
9.Samsung Technology $32.9 billion
10.Toyota Automotive $30.3 billion

Maybe next year they will move up because of the launch of BB10. Check out the full list here.