Rob Orr of RIM believes Christmas Momentum is key for BlackBerry 10 in the UK

With RIM set to releases BlackBerry 10 and new devices in the near year, it does leave one wondering how they are going to do over the Christmas season.  Recent RIM Managing Director for the UK and Ireland, Rob Orr, believes that current BlackBerry 7 devices and RIM’s partnerships will be essential in keeping BlackBerry going throughout the Holiday Season.

While I am not quite sure whether or not promoting BlackBerry 7 devices to get momentum strong for what BlackBerry 10 is going to bring is the right viewpoint, there really isn’t much else that RIM can hype up right now.  Orr made it clear that BlackBerry and RIM are doing well in the UK, and that the market is a key one for them and that they cannot let momentum die over the next few months.

“The UK is such an important market for us. Despite all the negativity that tends to wash over from the Atlantic, we have eight million subscribers in the UK and the Curve 9320 continues to be a smash success as it is the number one fleet-deployed smartphone in the enterprise market.

“A huge proportion of the business for the operators and retailers over the Christmas trading period is in prepay gifting, and is a market we have performed particularly strongly in over the past two years. As we run into Christmas, we have really good momentum and traction with our channel partners.

“Getting the handsets out there, at the right prices and tariffs, building relationships with retailers and getting the message out to channels is key and such a big foundation block to what we’re building with BlackBerry 10.”

The main focus for RIM over the Holiday Season will mainly be in the pre-paid market, and with some new colours for the UK market they are hoping to do well.  I honestly could not recommend someone get a BlackBerry 7 device at this point in time if they are able to wait.  However I am aware that some people will not have the luxury of holding off, due to many reason, and if they are going to get a new BlackBerry they should indeed go for the latest and greatest BB7 device out there.