BlackBerry PlayBook Remains Top Security Tablet, says Context

RIM and the name BlackBerry holds the highest position in mobile security certainly. With RIM is a core basis for deep security integration at the base level and this level of security is delivered and follow through with its customers. Why we all choose, and continue to have BlackBerry device as opposed to other devices on the market. RIM’s push and dive into the tablet market with the BlackBerry PlayBook, would not compromise on security with a personal and business ready tablet. Beyond the certifications that is has received, Context Information Security conducted a study on three tablets, the Apple iPad, the BlackBerry PlayBook and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Of all three tablets, the BlackBerry Playbook was the most secure in Enterprise security and separated personal and business data device.

Context found the PlayBook to have the best security solution, being “far more advanced in its level of readiness for the BYOD era than either of the two other tablets,” although noting that the tablet does not encrypt personal data.

“The PlayBook was the only device with a workable solution to the Bring Your Own Device dilemma, in the shape of an architecture that provides very good separation between personal and work data,” the report states.

Together, RIM and security researchers are working to address the mobile security challenges of today, and to protect customers against the mobile threats of tomorrow.


What do you think of the BlackBerry PlayBook remaining top tablet in mobile security?