RIM currently investing more into R&D than other smartphone makers

There is no doubt that RIM has opened up the floodgates when it come to spending more and more on R&D.  The entire BlackBerry 10 platform is a complete departure from the usual BlackBerry operating system and there is only one way to make it work, spend money on it.  Wha is surprising is that it seems RIM is spending more than Apple on R&D, relative to revenue.

The Globe and Mail recently did a survey of large companies to see who was spending the most on R&D realtive to their revenues streams.  Now of course the big spenders are pharmaceutical companies, but RIM and Apple do make appearances on the list.  RIM falls into the 205 spot, as they are spending 8.5% of revenue on R&D, where as Apple is only spending 2.2% and finished in 348th spot.  This is all based off a ratio between revenue and R&D investments, so Apple does indeed spend more money, but RIM is investing a higher percentage of their money into R&D.

Hopefully RIM will continue to spend this kind of money on R&D even after BlackBerry 10 is launched, and they simply don’t rest on their laurels again.  BlackBerry 10 is going to take RIM and BlackBerry to a new level, but it is going to be a fight to stay on that level, and R&D is one way to keep it.

Source:Globe and Mail