DropBox, SkyDrive and Box apps set to come to BlackBerry 10

While we have started to see many of our favourite apps make their way to the PlayBook OS, it looks like BlackBerry 10 will be bringing even more of the old faithful into the mix.  Today we have news that DropBox, SkyDrive and Box apps will all be available for the new BlackBerry 10 platform, and that is some very good news.  There have been many critiques that don’t believe BlackBerry 10 will see developer and app adoption as high as RIM is hoping, however with the inclusion of these large name cloud storage apps the future is starting to look brighter for BB10.

Now the Box app was announced back at BlackBerry Jam Americas neither DropBox nor SkyDrive have been officially announced.  However in the screenshot above and within the video below you can see them running side by side on a BlackBerry Dev Alpha B device.  It is great to see such big name apps coming over the BlackBerry 10 ecosystem, and we are hoping that there will be many more sightings and announcements from developers in the next few months leading up to the official launch of BB10.

Source:VentureBeat via N4BB