RIM Has Plans For BBM E-Commerce In Indonesia Says Thorsten Heins

Thorsten Heins spoke at a meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia and brought up BBM E-Commerce. That is using BBM to make monetary transactions, one Blackberry to another.

“Think about transacting money. This is one element in which you could have a huge BBM population in Indonesia transferring money from one partner to another,” he said. Heins added that the heavy usage of BBM by BlackBerry smartphone owners in Indonesia made the country “so important” as an “innovation ground for BBM”.

“So it is very important for us to be here and innovating on the BlackBerry Messenger in Indonesia,” he told The Jakarta Post during a limited press meet.

Blackberry is very popular in Indonesia so it makes perfect sense that RIM would start off this new venture there. He even states the reason that Indonesia was chosen:

“We certainly want to grow stronger in Indonesia and we want to contribute to the economic wealth of Indonesia. The main purpose of doing this is to keep growing our BBM communities with new services and keep them on BBM by innovating and offering new opportunities for them,” he said.

Read the full article at The Jakarta Post.