T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 9315 Appears Online??

We just told you about how T-Mobile will be releasing the BlackBerry Curve 9320 on October 24th and now all of a sudden the BlackBerry Curve 9315 bearing T-Mobile Branding shows up online… Now that being said this of course sparks lots of rumors and one of the rumors swirling around the interwebs is that the Curve 9315

will be A pre-paid ONLY devic for T-Mobile. What is weird about the model number itself is the fact that RIM uses odd numbers i.e 9930, 9650, 9330 and so on reflect CDMA networks where as even numbers 9900, 9700, 9780 and so on relfect GSM devices… You be the judge let us know what you think about the Curve 9315 in the comments.


Source: @evleaks