RIM CEO: We’re not in the spec race, …we’re in the experience race!

Research In Motion’s newest CEO, Thorsten Heins recently sat for an interview with CNet on the release of the highly anticipated new BlackBerry 10 os, as well as the new device to be pushed to the market as well. To make a stake a current mobile market trends, Heins is confident in the new OS and as to just what BlackBerry can bring to the mobile table for consumers to feast upon. With this new OS and new devices that they can move in and back on to where BlackBerry once reined.

With the new BlackBerry 10 QNX bases OS RIM has really put some focus into how to build upon what has made BlackBerry great with the codings of applications for devs to quickly jump on board.

“That’s why we decided not to go Android or any other platform, because we knew with the QNX platform, with its multi-threaded real-time multitasking capability, that we could [create] a different experience, we could build a different platform that the market is so eagerly waiting for,” said Heins.

When Hein was ask about his confidence in BlackBerry 10 and is ability to compete alone, with all the new larger screens and faster processors and GPUs and Pixel ratios, in megapixels, GHz and GBs.

We’re not in the spec race, we’re not like six cylinders are better than four, we’re in the experience race; it’s got to be fun to drive a BlackBerry, if you want to put it that way,” said Heins. “So on the technical side, we put in the horsepower that we need. But, for example, the screen resolution on the BlackBerry 10 device is going to be higher than on iPhone 5: it’s 1280×768. Plus, we have a special picture processor in there, the image signal processor, that is a top-notch processor. So from a multimedia perspective, that device is absolutely on par. For browsing, it’s a WebKit-based Chrome-like browser, with best performance for HTML5 … outperforming anything else that is on HTML5.”

BlackBerry should deliver us an awesome experince cant wait to have it in my hand, tell us what you think about the interview?