Black Sheep over iSheep! #TeamBlackBerry

Earlier this week the New York Times wrote an article that takes a few hits at BlackBerry and its image in the mobile market by BOLDly calling it the “The BlackBerry as Black Sheep!” Many of the individuals in the article that have or used to have BlackBerry devices stated that they felt ashamed to have such devices in their hands. Many felt embarrassed or felt as if the infamous BlackBerry device wasn’t worth carrying or up to par with that of the other fruit and or the robotic counterparts. Personally I love my BlackBerry, and RIM and the entire #TeamBlackBerry family is standing behind RIM as we press forward to BlackBerry 10. RIM started off, something they normally don’t do, by sending a tweet to the folks over @nytimes:


With this article has push a movement for BlackBerry users to show their loyalty to the device that they love and will continue to use. Many users have shown their support on twitter to show the New York Times that they are not ashamed of BlackBerry.



So, BlackBerry users show just how #ProudToBeTeamBlackBerry that your are, and show your support on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube just show those iSheeps and Fandroids who we are!!