Blackberry Data Usage Is Becoming An Issue For Vodacom

Blackberry 6 and 7 are most popular for Vodacom subscribers and with their release there came an increase in data usage. And with the upcoming major release of Blackberry 10, people are bound to use even more data.

Jannie van Zyl, who is a data lead at Vodacom, said:
As a matter of fact we’ve got capacity on our links. If you run very big pipes you often get upstream bottlenecks, and we have seen that once or twice over the last couple of months. Our link to RIM currently is, I think, 2.3 or 2.5 gigabits. It’s a massive link and it’s not running at full capacity.”

There has been concern that Vodacom had been throttling their data and he wanted to make sure that their users knew that they were not doing that.

He also said:

“The fact that you get a worry-free internet experience in terms of not having to manage your data consumption and your cap and so on is what drove BlackBerry.”

“Unfortunately, the proposition [has] changed a lot over the years. When we launched BIS originally, together with the other operators worldwide, it was really an email service – you could do your email, you could do your instant messaging, BBM came along and it was still all about messaging and it all worked very well.”

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