bbUI.js Updated to version 0.9.4!

Research In Motion has updated bbUI.js framework to version 0.9.4. This updated version brings some great updates both for BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry PlayBook developers. The focus in this release has really been around bug fixes, optimizations and additional JavaScript® interfaces. Hit the break to read more!

Notable Improvements

  • Updated coloring/styling to better match Cascades™
  • New Title Bar styling which now allows images in the Title Bar
  • New BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet 2.x styling for Activity Indicators, Text Input, Image Lists and Buttons
  • Many new JavaScript interfaces to manipulate controls on-the-fly
  • Native scrolling speed increases
  • Screen stack bug fixes
  • Control bug fixes

Changes to your code

I mentioned that there were a few changes that were made that will affect your applications JavaScript so let’s talk about those.

  • bb.init()
    • bb10ActionBarDark renamed to actionBarDark
    • bb10ControlsDark renamed to controlsDark
    • bb10ListsDark renamed to listsDark
    • bb10HighlightColor renamed to highlightColor
  • You no longer specify a viewport meta tag in your main index.htm. This is now supplied by the toolkit at runtime based on the OS version.
  • BlackBerry® 10 title bars now take on the control coloring.
  • You no longer need to specify a unique id for your script tags used with screens.
  • Scroll Panel JavaScript interfaces have been modified.
  • If you were calling bb.scroller.refresh() you will want to change your code to “if (bb.scroller) bb.scroller.refresh();”

More to Come

We’ve now created an additional v0.9.5 milestone for bbUI that contains additional BlackBerry 10 styling improvements, but also includes more JavaScript interfaces for dynamic screen creation and manipulation. If you’re interested in following the bbUI.js changes as they go, feel free to follow me on Twitter®.


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