BlackBerry 10 Bold 9910!? (Great Photoshop??)

We like all lovers of BlackBerry are ready to get our hands on the all new BlackBerry 10 devices!!! But we all will just have to wait until January! We have seen a few leak images of what is supposed to be the BlackBerry 10 device with the full qwerty keyboard, but none of which has been confirmed. We have been sent an image of what is claimed to be a BlackBerry Bold 9910? The device number makes sense, but if you look at the image it does look a tad bit photoshopped and the reason being is the keyboard is still the same as the current BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930. Taken with a grain of salt, the rumored full qwerty keyboard BlackBerry 10 device is supposed to have slightly more straight streamline keyboard vs the curved design seen here.





Well tell us what you think Photoshop or not, in comment section below!

  • I’ll go on record and say Photoshop. I couldn’t see why RIM would even place this kind of effort. In N4BB’s breakdown of my TK Justice there are some good points made with space above the screen to which this lacks. Above the “QW” and “OP” on there are lightly erased marks.