BlackBerry Smartphones Dropped by Booz Allen Hamilton

Booz Allen Hamilton, a company that leads in providing consulting strategy and technology for the US Government, has decide to end their ties with BlackBerry. They have begun to decommission its BES infrastructure and they are making the switch from BlackBerry devices to that of iPhone and Android devices. The company will be distributing out the new devices to a staff of 25,000 members!

“Booz Allen has started decommissioning the firm’s dedicated BlackBerry server that runs those devices and plans to move those staff on to iPhones made by Apple and handsets that run [Google’s] Android software in the coming months,” reported BloombergBusinessweek

It seems that more and more organization are making a move from RIM and BlackBerry. If RIM is looking to regain their hold on enterprise customers, BlackBerry 10 devices to be released in January, must come to the market with a bang! Regaining the lead on the mobile market of mobile security as the new standard for the smartphone industry.

But this should not come as any surprise as “We will face our challenges in the U.S. in the next six months, I understand that,” Heins said. “But I am positive that when we launch BlackBerry 10, there will be huge support from our carrier partners, from our enterprise customers and that we will reemerge … as a very strong player—not just in the smartphone market but also emerging into the mobile computing market.”