Customize Your Phone With The Weather Clock Widget

Wanna know what the temperature is outside? Yes, you could go into a website or an app to find out. But why not just look at your screen? Weather Clock Widget displays the current weather and temperature on your home screen. You can set the phone to change how often it updates the weather.

App Description:

Get instant access to weather conditions for any region

Weather clock displays the accurate and localized weather information and also current time on the Home Screen of your device. Now you can have dynamic weather right on your Home Screen.
Weather clock displays your location, current temperature, maximum and minimum temperature of the day and current time.

* Displays the accurate and localized weather information
* Displays current device time
* Turn any Picture into landscape
* Easy to Customize
* Easily switch from Celcius to Farenheit
* Shows Minimum and maximum temperature of the day

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