BlackBerry 10 French and Cinnamon Toast Notification System Slides Appear Online

Back in May we got a glimpse of the BlackBerry 10 notification system dubbed “BlackBerry 10 Cinnamon Toast”. We now have a bit more information surrounding BlackBerry 10 Cinnamon Toast and now French Toast as well. Cinnamon Toast allows the user to preview their messages from the lockscreen without the device being unlocked. Depending on the angle of the BlackBerry device the user will be able to see 0%, 50%, 100% of the message as indicated in the slide above. Tilting is continuous and reversible, when you pick up the device you will see the full message, after you set it back down the message will go away.


Now French Toast on the other hand allows the user to undo a delete operation. As stated in the slide above The purpose of the French Toast is to undo a delete operation. With the ability to undo moderate deleted items there is no need for delete confirmations before the delete, making the flow faster and smoother,while still retaining security by quickly recovering from accidental deletes. After deleting something French Toast prompt will be on the device screen for three seconds before it timeouts. Let us know what you think about the delete prompts on BlackBerry 10 in the comments!

Via: N4BB