Blackberry 10 To Do Apps Better Then Blackberry OS’ Previous

I think most people would say that one of Blackberry’s biggest failures is it’s lack of apps. Blackberries have been out for a long time, but didn’t join the app game until years later. Even then, app development has been a lot slower, than say iOS or Android.

What’s the reason for the lack of apps? The outdated java based system that RIM uses. It can be more difficult and time consuming to create a Blackberry app, thus developers have been fleeing by the boatloads to the other operating systems.

We have let you know over the past few months the kind of effort RIM has been putting into Blackberry 10. Not only is it easier to develop an app, you can also get a lot more help from RIM doing it. They have since opened a dedicated Tech Center in the UK just to help developers with porting over their apps to Blackberry 10.

There was also the slide at the Consumer Event that showed just some of the developers who are committed to a Blackberry 10 app. This include major apps like Facebook, Twitter, USA Today and Amazon Kindle.

I feel like Blackberry has had that tired look for a while now, and am looking forward to seeing the fresh new changes.